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Fall E-Bike Specials:

****$1,500.00 off ANY Stromer ST1 Elite or Platinum in stock!

The Swedish designed Stromer brand has been setting standards for electric bikes for three years – integration, function, performance, and style have yet to be matched – it is a proven winner, and enthusiastic Stromer riders all agree that we are on the right path.

Both Stromer ST1 models (Elite & Platinum) are tailored for riders of all types and skill levels. They are a perfect solution for riders who seek urban and suburban commuting alternatives, as well as those who are looking to exercise with a little assistance or anyone who simply looking for fun.

ST1 Technology

  • Fully integrated E-Bike system – Integrated Li-Ion battery can be removed with the press of a button.
  • Recuperation (regenerative) braking technology - Improves overall range and battery efficiency.
  • 500W brushless and gearless hub motor – Smooth, efficient, and ultra quiet. No maintenance required.
  • Battery charging - Portable Li-Ion battery can be charged onboard or removed and charged separately.
  • Torque - Smooth and powerful torque translates to increased riding efficiency and superb
    hill-climbing capability.
  • Stromer drive modes – Four selectable riding modes available with just the push of a button.
  • User customization – Digital Stromer interface allows for programming of individual user settings and ride characteristics.
  • Lightweight Li-Ion battery – 36V, 11Ah (Elite) or 14.5Ah (Platinum)
  • Battery warranty – 3 year, or 750 full charge cycle warranty for the Stromer Li-Ion battery.
  • Frame Warranty - 3 years
  • Fork/Tires – Lightweight carbon fork utilizing
    BMC technology, combined with Stromer-designed Schwalbe Big Ben tires translates to superior shock absorption and ultimate riding comfort.

ST1 Interface

The Stromer ST1 interface places the controls directly at the rider's fingertips..


1 Function Buttons -All Stromer functions can be easily enabled by using just three buttons.

2 Energy Display -The Stromer interface shows the battery charge level, the current consumption and the rate of regenerative braking.

3 Speedometer -The Stromer interface shows the following ride information: Speed, average speed, trip distance, total distance, trip time and time of day.

4 Mode -The support mode can be selected from four different output modes. In addition, the Stromer has a boost mode (riding mode without pedaling support) and push assistance.

Setup - Using defined codes, Stromer users can fine tune their own optimal settings. Using a USB interface, performance parameters are tuned in the Stromer Service Center.

Energy consumption - During an average Stromer ride, the Stromer’s energy consumption is less than 1 kWh/100 km and is therefore very cost-effective.                                                                                                                                 

ST1 Power System

The Stromer is powered by the rider and a brushless direct-current motor in the rear hub. A high degree of system efficiency can be achieved because the motor acts directly within the rear hub. The only mechanical contact that occurs within the motor is the industrial ball bearings. The motor is virtualy maintenance free.

The Stromer motor is available in two versions:

Mountain 33 – for steep terrain.

Available on the ST1 Elite only.

Power 48 – high speed.

Available on the ST1 Platinum only.


Mountain 33

Power 48

Supported speed
up to 20 mph up to 30mph
500 W 500 W
40 Nm 30 Nm
Range (with ST522 battery)***
25–55 miles 25–50 miles

 *** Sensor sensitivity 3, rider 154 lbs.




Energy 396 Wh 522 Wh
Voltage 36V 36V
Capacity 11 Ah 14.5 Ah
Weight 6 lbs  6 lbs





Rear derailleur Shimano Sora Shimano XT
Front derailleur - Shimano Sora
Shifters Shimano Sora Shimano Sora
Gear speeds 9 27
Brakes Magura MT2 Magura MT2
Rear cogs 11–32 11–32

Single 42T bei Mountain 33

Single 52T bei Power 48

FSA Tempo 30/39/50

Saddle Stromer Stromer

Wellgo normal

60 lbs
Wellgo normal

60 lbs

Disk brakes - All Stromer models are equipped with hydraulic disk brakes. Brake performance is adapted to the high speed and the higher weight of the modular E:Bike.

Tires -
For increased safety, the Stromer is equipped with tires with integrated puncture protection. The Schwalbe BigBen tire developed especially for Stromer offers increased shock absorption for the most comfortable ride.

Fork - Impacts and vibrations are minimized by the light Stromer carbon fork. Thanks to the high level of comfort, cycling fun is guaranteed.


City Kit

  • Front light B+M Lumotec IQ Fly Stromer*
  • Rear light B+M Toplight mini*
  • Kickstand Pletscher Optima
  • Mudguards Stromer
  • Carrier Tubus Stromer Racktime System

City Kit Platinum

  • Front light Supernova E3 Stromer*
  • Rear light B+M Toplight mini*
  • Kickstand Pletscher Optima
  • Mudguards Stromer
  • Carrier Tubus Stromer Racktime System

* Integrated lighting system


ST1 Elite - MSRP $3,549.00 *
ST1 Platinum
- MSRP  $4,249.00 *
City Kit - Standard - $360.00
City Kit Platinum - $475.00
Hi-Power External Charger - $110.00
Li-Ion Battery (11.5 Amp) - $549.00
Li-Ion Battery (14.5 Amp) - $759.00

* Standard or Step-through Frame

Stromer ST1 Reviews
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Test Ride

Call our Mt Dora showroom for more pricing, specifications or to schedule your Stromer test ride today at 352-383-9900.


With our consumer financing program, qualified buyers can own a Stromer ST1 Elite for as low as $87.00 per month or an ST1 Platinum for as low as $103.00 per month!