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Welcome to Segway of Central Florida! 
The Segway PT can take you places a car or bicycle can't - including many stores, office buildings, businesses, airports, elevators, and trains. Although they're ideal for short jaunts of 5 miles/8 km or less, Segway PTs can now travel as far as 30 miles on a single battery charge. A Segway PT quickly feels like an extension of your own body, making it easy for you to remain confident, comfortable, and in control - even when it's transporting you at speeds of up to 12.5 mph/20 kph, or about the pace of a brisk run.

New and Pre-Owned Segway PTs and Equipment
As the largest full service Segway dealership in the Southeast, we offer a full line of all Segway PT models in-stock every day. You won’t have to wait for us to order a particular model or package... just walk in and ride out! Too far to drive? WE DELIVER! Just give us a call and delivery can be arranged to almost anywhere in the area.

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Commercial and Corporate Rentals
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provided by Central Florida Glides.

Segway PT Full Service Department
At Segway of Central Florida, we provide Factory Authorized Level 3 repair service for all newer models of Segway PT GEN2 SE and non-SE PT products. Our dealership keeps a full inventory of new and used parts in-stock to reduce turn-around time and get your unit up and running as soon as possible. Avoid longer wait times on factory repairs by bringing your equipment to us. We provide in-house InfoKey programming and repair service and can make new keys for GEN2 Segway PT models. We provide creation and duplication services for all GEN1 keys. Tire service is also one of our specialties.

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Segway PTs for Public Safety
Thousands of municipalities, airports, military bases, private security firms, emergency response teams, and other public and private safety organizations can't be wrong. They've all stepped up to the Segway PT for patrolling. In an emergency, every second counts, and maneuvering through a crowd takes time. Riding a Segway PT gets you there faster!

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