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Footloose Accessories

Mando Footloose Carrier Bag

We know you love your new Mando Footloose and want to take it everywhere with you. Now we have an easy way to safely transport your Mando Footloose with you when you travel. This heavy duty carrier bag is custom designed to get you and your Mando safely and securely to your destination with it's hidden pull-out carry handle on the top and sturdy nylon wheels on the bottom. The Mando Footloose Carrier Bag is also a great way to store your Mando on your boat, plane or in your vacation home.  


Folding Pedals

If you need to make your Mando Footloose just a bit smaller, then try these folding pedals on for size. The high-quality aluminum folding pedals have a Chromoly spindle and use a push-pin folding mechanism. When folded, the horizontal measurement (width of the pedal) is only 43mm.

$54.95 per set