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                                  Mando Footloose - A New Way of Moving

A blend of world's first technology with a unique chain-less, folding e-bike design!

                                                 THIS FOLDING BIKE MODEL IS OUT OF STOCK

The Mando Footloose is a new concept of a personal transportation method using electric energy in the form of a "chain-less" e-bike design. The Footloose is equipped with a "Series Hybrid System" that generates power through pedaling. It also detects the slope of the riding surface and automatically shifts the gear to allow users to ride as if
on a level road. The Footloose uses an internal Lithium Ion battery that can be charged using the included off-board charger when at rest and by the rider while pedaling. Stop by our dealership today and give it a test ride today!                                

Easy and Quick Folding and Rolling

An easy to operate two-step folding system makes the Mando Footloose compact enough in just seconds to be rolled around and stored anywhere from subways and trains to offices, cafes to home
. If you need to carry your Mando Footloose when you travel, then you might want to take a look at our custom designed Mando Footloose Carrier Bag.


Features and Specifications:

Drive System = Series Hybrid System                                         
Top Speed = 15.5 MPH                                                              
Range = 18 to 28 miles (subject to payload and road conditions)
Motor = Dual Winding Motor - 250 watts                                     
Battery = 36V, 8.2 Ah                                                                  
Wheel = 20"

Display = Detachable (2.5 inch Color LCD)
Frame = Aluminum
Fork = Carbon Fiber
Weight = 48 lbs

Available Colors:
White, Black, Dark Grey, Light Blue

MSRP - $3,895.00 - USA Only - Not Sold for Export
****$1,000.00 off ANY Mando Footloose in stock!

The Footloose can be purchased on our financing plan* for as low as $86.00 per month.
*This program is available to well-qualified buyers in the 50 U.S. states

Come into our dealership for a DEMO ride and try the Mando Footloose today!

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