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Ninebot Repair Service and Sales

We do not sell or service ANY Ninebot products Ninebot products may include: miniLITE, miniPRO, Ninebot 'S', Ninebot S-PLUS, ES1, ES2, ES4, Max Kickscooters, Drift W1 e-Skates, Gokart kit or Segway Powersports. 

For phone support with Ninebot parts and service questions, please call 866-473-4929 and select option #2 (Consumer Products) then select option #1 (Technical Support).

For online support on Ninebot product specific questions and answers, you may visit the Ninebot support website at:

For email and Chat support for Ninebot products, please visit:

To purchase a Ninebot or powersports product, please visit:

Please do not contact our dealership regarding service or sales on these Ninebot products.