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Resources For Segway Patrol


More than 1,000 municipalities, airports, military bases, private security firms, emergency response teams, and other public and private safety organizations can't be wrong. They've all stepped up to the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) for patrolling. They're connecting more with the communities they serve. They're keeping people safer. They're responding to emergencies more quickly. They're preventing crime. And they're doing so all while creating fewer emissions, taking up less space, and a lot less hassle than other transportation options.

Around the world, officers rely on Segway PTs to help get them where they need to go. They press a button on a wireless InfoKey™ controller, step up, and they are ready to patrol for a full shift before needing a recharge. They're able to do more rounds in less time, get to the scene more quickly, and deter crime all along the way.
For the multitude of private organizations using Segway PTs to patrol and respond to emergencies, the Segway PT is a force multiplier. They can put a guard out on a Segway PT and the public feels like there's more of a security presence. It's part psychological, its part fact. Someone patrolling atop a Segway PT can see above the crowds and be seen. The rider is noticed and that translates into fewer car break-ins and lives saved because emergency equipment was able to be brought to a patient in need.

Green Benefits

The Segway PT can be a major part of your organization or city's efforts to curb the consumption of fossil fuels and creation of excess greenhouse gases. Since each Segway PT operates off of lithium-ion batteries, it's inherently zero emissions during operation. This makes it a transportation tool that can be ridden indoors.


Models and Accessories

The Segway Patroller i2 and x2 models were designed with the direct input of trusted law enforcement and security professionals. Their recommendations informed high visibility, integrated lighting systems, durable components, surfaces for insignia, stowage area, and other enhancements. From the wristband for the InfoKey controller to the improved bumper, the Segway Patroller was built with the patrolling officer in mind.

Have specific needs? There are a number of cargo, lighting and other
accessory options available from Segway. 

i2 Patroller x2 Patroller
Leasing Solutions Now Available
Segway Inc. is pleased to offer municipalities, federal agencies, and security organizations attractive low payment financing options in the United States. Read below for more information on Segway PT financing solutions for patrol environments. Don't wait, request more information today! Zero-Down Leasing for Municipalities and Federal Agencies

Segway Inc. is proud to offer municipalities the opportunity to lease to own a new Segway PT for zero money down*! Leasing to own provides municipalities all that the Segway PT has to offer while keeping money on hand for incidental expenditures. With only an order minimum of only two units, zero money down and a 36-month term there is little reason not to outfit your fleet with Segway PTs today! Also, all leasing options include an extended warranty for the life of the lease!

Financing for Contract Security

Organizations are looking to optimize the productivity and performance of their manned guard services even while budgets shrink. Segway is proud to offer private security businesses the opportunity to lease Segway PTs. With a minimum order of only two units and a 36 month term, well-qualified organizations can be paying as low as $199 a month*. Also, all leasing options include an extended warranty for the life of the lease!

For more information about financing and beginning the application process, please contact us

* For well-qualified U.S. businesses and municipalities

Free Grant Assistance Now Available

Let us do the work for you! Solicitation periods and new grant programs regularly open and close. As always, Segway makes an effort to stay up-to-date on grant opportunities for the procurement of Segway PTs. In an effort to make the purchase of a Segway PT easier for your organization, we are proud to offer free direct grant writing assistance through Police departments interested in obtaining Segway PTs through grant funding can now request grant assistance by submitting the
Direct Assistance Request Form.