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The New SEGautostand
The semi-automatic parking stand for the SEGWAY PT

The SEGautostand is a high-tech and automatically
folding parking stand for SEGWAY PT i2 and x2 models.

With your SEGautostand, broken parking stands and awkward start-ups will be a thing of the past! Operated from the rear of the Segway PT, simply press down the lever on the rear of the SEGautostand until the parking leg is fully extended. When it is fully extended lean your Segway PT forward to allow the leg to make contact with the ground and support the Segway PT.

The SEGautostand automatically retracts simply by pulling the Segway PT’s handlebars towards you. It then folds away safely by the time the green balance light appears. Not only does the SEGautostand automatically retract before you can glide away, its unique design guarantees that it cannot deploy while riding your Segway PT.

When riding your Segway PT, the SEGautostand remains folded between the fender and the battery cover with no protrusion to reduce your ground clearance. This also allows the Segway PT easy clearance when being walked over curbs and up or down stairs.

The SEGautostand is available for purchase at $165.00 per unit* with free shipping within
the continental United States. To order by credit card, please contact us at
or call 352-383-9900.

To Order Online using PayPal please click on the links below:
Order SEGautostand for i2 HERE

Order SEGautostand for x2 HERE

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*Discounts may apply, call for more info.

NOTE: These aftermarket accessory products are not manufactured, endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the Segway PT. Sales of such aftermarket products are between Dealer and purchaser and are not authorized by Segway Inc.