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Segway PT Tire Upgrades and Options
SEGwheels Chrome Rims - Nice Shoes for Your Segway i2
Now you can dress up your Segway PT i2 and smooth out the ride at the same time. Our new Segway PT chrome rim option by SEGwheels includes a 120/90 Hi-Performance tire that will take you where ever you want to go in style.

The wide and deeply treaded tire has added traction over the standard Segway PT factory tire and it's larger size gives a much smoother ride without sacrificing width, still allowing you to zip through a standard doorway with no problem. The best part is that these wheels will fit any i2 with absolutely no modifications required. Simply remove and replace three wheel nuts and you are ready to roll!

NOTE: This item as shown in CHROME finish is in limited supply!
Cost per chrome set is $759.95 plus shipping anywhere in the continental USA for $49.95 via FedEx Ground.

To order the SEGwheels Rims, please contact us by phone at 352-383-9900 or
by email at

NOTE: These aftermarket accessory products are not manufactured, endorsed, or authorized by Segway Inc. for use on the Segway PT. Sales of such aftermarket products are between Dealer and purchaser and are not authorized by Segway Inc.