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Pre-Owned Segway PT Equipment

Segway of Central Florida offers a wide selection of pre-owned Segway PT units. All equipment listed here undergoes a full teardown and diagnostics in our factory authorized repair center. All wearable parts are examined and replaced as needed.

All of the units shown below can be seen in our Mt Dora showroom by appointment only. Please call to confirm availability on specific units. Shipping is available to anywhere within the continental U.S. via FedEx Ground service. Please contact us for a shipping quote to your location. Florida Sales Tax will be added to the price of any units shipped to an address within the State of Florida. No Sales Tax will be charged for units shipped to other states.

If you see a unit that you are interested in, please email us with the unit number and your contact information, or your questions, at

If you have a newer Segway i2 or x2 SE in good condition and are looking to sell, let us help! Please give us a call at (352) 383-9900 or email us at to discuss listing your Segway here and placing it on display in our showroom and on our website.

Last Update: 06/03/2021

Extended Range batteries

Extended range lithium ion batteries for your Segway PT (Gen1 with upgrade, i2, x2 or i2SE, x2SE models). We are shipping batteries out daily. 

Extended range batteries increase your Segway riding capacity

  • 36 miles on the i2/i2SE
  • 24 miles on the x2/x2SE

Our all new Extended Range lithium-ion batteries allow you to increase your Segway i2’s travel capacity from 24 miles (with the prior lithium-ion batteries) to 36 miles with the new, Extended Range batteries, and increase your X2’s travel capacity from 12 to 24 miles of range.

Extended Range batteries are backwards compatible, and can fit on any Segway model ranging from Gen 1, Gen 2 or SE models. These batteries will work with all i2, x2, i2SE, X2SE, XT, i180, i170, i167, and other Gen 1 Segways capable of using Lithium Batteries.

COMING SOON Segway i2 SE 2019 – 630 miles

Includes: UrbanMaster Tires, SEGautostand, New Extended Range Batteries ($2,200.00 Value), Handlebar Bag, Comfort Mats
30-Day Dealer Warranty  $5,595.00
(Retail New $7,250.00) #X14 

Photos Coming Soon

Custom Segway Car/RV Carrier Tray

Welded Stainless Steel & Aluminum Construction
Breaks Down for Easy Storage. Designed to Carry Two Segway x2 or i2 Models Side by Side   


Available for Pick-up Only, No Shipping on This Item

Click Here for Photos

Watch This Space for More Equipment Coming Soon!

Segway Handlebar Bag for i2 or x2

Your keys, wallet, mobile phone, and water bottle, take them all with you on your Segway Personal Transporter (PT) glide. Segway’s handlebar bag features a molded plastic shell that assures your personal items are safe and organized. It also detaches from the PT, so you can easily take it with you once you’ve reached your destination. Finally, you can personalize the handlebar bag with logos or whatever makes you happy. It’s a must-have!

To order the Segway handlebar Bag, please contact us by phone at (352) 383-9900 or by email at

Segway PT Tire Upgrades and Options

The i2 UrbanMaster – Longer Lasting, Gorilla Gripping
Finally, a tire for the Segway PT i2 that will outlast and out-grip anything on the market. The UrbanMaster has become a favorite for commercial Segway users who run their PTs hard and need a long-lasting and dependable tire. This deeply treaded tire mounts on a standard i2 rim and can be expected to last up to four times longer than the Segway PT factory tire.

The UrbanMaster sells for $169.00 each, mounted on a used i2 rim. Compare our price to $260.00 for a Segway factory original equipment tire (each). We ship to you and you return your used i2 rim to us with our pre-paid label. If you don't have a serviceable rim to send back to us, there will be a $125.00 core charge, per rim. Round trip shipping will be quoted per order. 

To order the UrbanMaster Tires, please contact us by phone at (352) 383-9900 or by email at

The New SEGautostand  (aftermarket kickstand)

The semi-automatic parking stand for the SEGWAY PT
The SEGautostand is a high-tech and automatically folding parking stand for SEGWAY PT i2 and x2 models.

With your SEGautostand, broken parking stands and awkward start-ups will be a thing of the past! Operated from the rear of the Segway PT, simply press down the lever on the rear of the SEGautostand until the parking leg is fully extended. When it is fully extended, lean your Segway PT forward to allow the leg to make contact with the ground and support the Segway PT.

The SEGautostand automatically retracts simply by pulling the Segway PT’s handlebars towards you. It then folds away safely by the time the green balance light appears. Not only does the SEGautostand automatically retract before you can ride away, its unique design guarantees that it cannot deploy while riding your Segway PT.


When riding your Segway PT, the SEGautostand remains folded between the fender and the battery cover with no protrusion to reduce your ground clearance. This also allows the Segway PT easy clearance when being walked over curbs and up or downstairs.

The SEGautostand is available for purchase at $199 per unit* with free shipping within the continental United States.
To order, please contact us at or call (352) 383-9900.

Folding Loading Ramp Options

Want to safely load your Segway PT into a truck or SUV? Our selection of two types of lightweight folding aluminum ramps is a great way to make that happen.

Segway Ramp Kit

Lightweight folding aluminum ramps measure 68 x 6.5 (L x W) inches long when unfolded and weigh 12 lbs each or 24 lbs total. The top ramp edge grips your vehicle and the traction foot helps to anchor ramps to the ground. Once they are in place, just roll your Segway PT up the ramp and into the vehicle. When you're done, the ramps fold in half for quick and easy storage.


MSRP $542.00

Discount Folding Aluminum Ramps (Aftermarket Item)

These folding aluminum ramps are a low-priced, no-hassle solution for loading and unloading your Segway PT. Combining strength, light weight, and portability, these longer ramps measure 84 x 6 (L x W) inches long when unfolded and weigh 8 lbs each or 16 lbs total and can support up to 400 lbs each.

Constructed from lightweight rust-resistant aluminum, this ramp clasps shut and has an attached handle so it's easy to take anywhere. Included safety tie-down straps securely attach the ramp to your vehicle when loading and unloading. Ramps are designed with 1 3/4 inch raised sides to help prevent the tires from slipping off the ramp. A solid plate-style padded attaching lip provides a significant contact surface with your vehicle's loading edge for maximum stability.


Our Price $267.00